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Keynote Speakers

Lennart Poettering

Lennart Poettering

Developer of PulseAudio, Avahi, Systemd

Lennart grew up in Brazil and Germany. He is well-known as the initiator, developer and maintainer of software projects, which have been widely adopted in many Linux distributions.

Colin Charles

Colin Charles

MariaDB Evangelist & VC

Colin Charles is a businessman & into Open Source software. He is a consultant, technical architect, world traveller, and occasional writer. 

Cat Allman

Cat Allman

Science Outreach and Open Source Program Manager at Google

Cat Allman has been involved with the free and open source community since the mid 1980s, including stints at Mt Xinu, Sendmail, Inc, and the USENIX Association. Cat co-chaired the 1st Open Source Track at the 2010 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women. She is a co-organizer of the annual Science Foo Camp.

Bunnie Huang

Bunnie Huang

Open Hardware Developer

Bunnie's passion for hardware began in elementary school. Since then he has garnered a PhD at MIT in EE, and has designed nanophotonic silicon chips, wireless radios and robotic submarines. He helps to create Novena, an open-source hardware laptop, and Chibitronics, unconventional electronics e.g. using paper with circuit stickers.   

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Topics Covered

Open Data, Big Data, Free Knowledge

Meet Open Source experts who develop big data solutions and work with extremely large (exabytes) data sets like in the Wikipedia, Wikidata, or Internet search, finance and business informatics. Big data technologies offer capabilities for analysis in areas, including meteorology, connectomics, physics simulations, and environmental research. Learn about hardware solutions that gather big data such as ubiquitous information-sensing mobile devices, software logs, cameras, microphones, radio-frequency identification readers, and WiFi Freifunk sensor mesh networks.

Smart City and Open Design

FOSSASIA features Open Source projects and ideas for the development of the smart city. A smart city is able to respond faster to city and global challenges than one with a simple 'transactional' relationship with its citizens. In the FOSSASIA community we design digital technologies to enhance performance and well-being. We develop tools, apps and processes such as 'continuous delivery' for 'DevOps' to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with the environment - a model for the smart city.

Open Source Software and Hardware

The leading Internet companies have based their business on Free and Open Source Software including Google, Facebook and Twitter. Free and Open Source refers to computer programs in which the source code is freely available for use and/or modification from its original design. The model is increasingly taken up by hardware developers and the maker and design community. New startups, that  develop devices based on Open chips such as Arduino or the Rapsberry PI, are springing up all over the world.


Stefan Koehler
Stefan Koehler (Germany) Linux Project City of Munich

Julien Lavergne
Julien Lavergne (France) Lubuntu Main Developer
Emily Chen
Emily Chen GNOME Foundation and CKAN Open Data Specialist
Kushal Das
Kushal Das (India) Director at
Python Software Foundation
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng (Singapore) Singapore PHP User Group
Rémi Denis-Courmont
Rémi Denis-Courmont (France) VLC Core Developer
Andreas Bräu
Andreas Bräu (Germany)  Core Developer at Freifunk
Jan Jongboom
Jan Jongboom (The Netherlands) Open Hardware Developer at Telenor
Masahiro Nakagawa
Masahiro Nakagawa (Japan) Treasure Data
Bernd Erk
Bernd Erk (Germany) Icinga and NETWAYS
Praveen Patil
Praveen Patil (India) ExpEYES
Jacqueline Rahemipour
Jacqueline Rahemipour (Germany) sipgate
Roland Turner
Roland Turner Yahi
Joerg Henning
Joerg Henning (Germany) Big Data
Ryusuke Kajiyama
Ryusuke Kajiyama (Japan) Oracle/MySQL
André Rebentisch
André Rebentisch (Germany)
Kartik Mistry
Kartik Mistry Wikimedia Foundation 
Michael Mudd
Michael Mudd (UK/HK) Open Computing Alliance 
Akshay Ratan
Satoshi Nagayasu (Japan) PostgreSQL / Uptime Technologies
Barbar Cimpa
Barbara Cimpa (Germany) EdgeWorks German R&D
Efraim Pettersson Ivener
Efraim Pettersson Ivener eKita
Mohit Singh Kanwal
Mohit Singh Kanwal Pie/Android Developer
Michael Kohler
Michael Kohler (Switzerland) Mozilla Rep
Dammina Sahabandu
Dammina Sahabandu Apache Software Foundation
Michael Cannon
Michael Cannon (US) Axelerant
Prashant Kiran
Prashant Kiran (India)  3D Visualizer
Akshay Ratan
Akshay Ratan KDE Developer
Lyle Kozloff
Lyle Kozloff (US) Developer Asian Hope
Pop Ramsamy
Pop Ramsamy (Spain)
Ayantha Randika
Ayantha Randika (Sri Lanka) Body-Apps
Sameer Kumar
Sameer Kumar (Singapore) PostgreSQL
Martin Baehr
Martin Bähr (Austria/China) Beijinglug and Chief Engineer at eKita
Handoko Suwono
Handoko Suwono (Indonesia) TiddlySpace
Arul Kumaran
Arul Kumaran Luracast Developer
Vishv Brahmbatt
Vishv Brahmbhatt (India)  FashionTec


Hong Phuc Dang
Hong Phuc Dang FOSSASIA Chair
Mario Behling
Mario Behling FashionTec Berlin
Harish Pillay
Harish Pillay  RedHat
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 
Walter Heck
Walter Heck Onlindata
Dawin Gosal
Darwin Gosal IT Services at Yale-NUS College
Danishka Navin
Danishka Navin DevOps Specialist
Sebastian Deckers
Sebastian Deckers JS Developer and Entrepreneur
Preetam Rai
Preetam Rai Barcamp Organizer

Schedule and Tracks

Open Source Software

with the sub tracks web, mobile and DevOps covering topics such Linux, lightweight desktops, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, HTML, Git, Android, FirefoxOS, Docker and much more.

Open Hardware, Makers, Design

with sessions about 3D print, customized hardware production, Arduino, Rapsberry PI, robotics, Open Design applications, maker and hackerspaces, and Libre Graphics tools.

Free Knowledge, Open Data, Big Data

maps, Geolocation applications, data for the smart city, research data, Internet search, Open Government, Wikipedia, Wikidata, Open Knowledge tools, and E-science.

Technology and Society

sessions about patents and copyright for developers and makers. In Hack and Tell sessions new projects share their ideas and in lightning talks speakers will introduce their work in 7 minutes.


presentations and workshops about general-purpose, high-level programming with Python.

Thu Mar 12

  • 1:00pm Developer Welcome in town at RedHat Office (tbc)

    Singapore is the host for main offices of many Open Source companies in Asia. RedHat has one of its Asia-Pacific main offices in the city and welcomes the FOSSASIA community before the event start.

  • 3:00pm Visit of Singapore Open Design FabLab

    Let's find out what the developer and maker community is doing in Singapore.

  • 6:00pm Let's cool down in a public pool. 

    Public pools and community centers are part of the Singapore way of life. They are very clean and happily used by Singaporeans fo all ages.

  • 7:30pm Pre-Event Meetup at Little India Bar

    Let's experience the city in a nice bar in little India. Join us for informal meetup of speakers and participants of FOSSASIA who have arrived in town.

Fri Mar 13

  • 9:00am Welcome & Registration

    Arrival of Speakers and Participants

  • 9:30am - 12.30am Talks and Presentations on Open Source  Technologies, Software, Hardware, Design

    Developers, Designers and Hardware engineers will give the insights into latest trends and technologies

  • 12:20pm Group Picture in Lobby

    Don't miss your spot on the FOSSASIA 2015 Group picture.

  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch 

    Singapores exciting choices of food are available at restaurants and food courts at the conference area.

  • 1:30pm - 4:30pm Talks and Presentations on Open Source Technologies, Software, Hardware and Open Design 

    Talks from speakers from around the world.

  • 6:30pm - 10:30pm Speakers Dinner and Social Event at Bugis Seafood Restaurant

    Enjoy yummy Singapore hotpot followed by a visit of some exciting bars in the area.

Sat Mar 14

  • 9:30am - 11:30am Welcome & Registration

    Arrival and Registration of Participants

  • 9:30am - 12.30pm Workshops and Talks on Open Technologies 

    This day we focus on hands-on learning and experience. Join us for workshops on using git, coding (Javascript, C++, PHP, Python and more) and open hardware workshops.

  • 12.30pm - 1.30pm Lunch

    Singapores large choices of food from India, to Malay, Chinese, Indonesian and Western taste awaits us at local restaurants and hacker stalls nearby.

  • 1:30pm - 4:30pm Workshops on Open Technologies

    More hands-on learning with workshops from developers and engineers from around the world.

  • 5:30pm - 6:30pm Let's cool down in a super clean public pool of Singapore

    Public pools and community centers are part of the Singapore way of life. They are very clean and happily used by Singaporeans fo all ages.

  • 7:30pm - 11:00pm FOSSASIA Open Tech Community Snack & Pub Crawl 

    Let's meet some locals and hangout with the Open Tech community. We will bring you to some nice Singapore pubs.

Sun Mar 15

  • 9:00am Welcome & Registration

    Arrival and Registration of Participants

  • 11:30am - 1:00pm Workshops and Developer Meetups 

    Join us and follow up with Open Source developers and contributors.

  • 1:00pm Lunch

    One more day of exciting food choices in Singapore.

  • 2:00pm - 4:30pm Workshops and Developer Meetups

    Follow up Workshops and Developer gatherings.

  • 4:00pm  Open Lab at

    Let's relax, code, design, tinker  and enjoy each others company at the end of a great weekend.


Interested in speaking at FOSSASIA 2015? Read the Call for Speakers and Projects.

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