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FOSSASIA is an organization developing software applications for social change using a wide-range of technologies. It was established 2009. Projects range from Free and Open Source software, to design, graphics and hardware. We also organize and participate in conferences, meetups and code camps. The annual FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit is one of the largest gatherings of developers in Asia and took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. Please join us and start contributing to our projects on GitHub.


Mario Behling

Mario Behling

Big Data Analytics
Hong Phuc Dang

Hong Phuc Dang


Advisory Board

Harish Pillay

Harish Pillay

Red Hat
Roland Turner

Roland Turner

Mohit Kanwal

Mohit Kanwal

Davide Storti

Davide Storti

UNESCO YouthMobile
Kushal Das

Kushal Das

Director Python Software Foundation
Colin Charles

Colin Charles

Joerg Henning

Jörg Henning

KRDS Digital Ltd.
Victoria Bondarchuk

Victoria Bondarchuk

Seoul Tech Society, Dmajor
Alexander Bezzubov

Alexander Bezzubov

Apache, NFLabs

Project Leads

Michael Christen

Michael Christen

Lead Developer AI Solutions
Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Director of Board and Team Management
Harshit Dwivedi

Harshit Dwivedi

Android Development Lead
Niranjan Rajendran

Niranjan Rajendran

Full Stack Team Leader & Data Analyst
Niranjan Rajendran

Saptak Sengupta

Python Lead Developer

Core Developers

Damini Satya Kammakomati
Damini Satya Kammakomati Full Stack Engineer
Sudheesh Singanamalla
Sudheesh Singanamalla Cloud and API Engineer
Avi Aryan
Avi Aryan Python Developer
Aayush Arora
Aayush Arora Web Developer
Manan Wason
Manan Wason Web Developer
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta Web and Android Developer
Sopan Khosla
Sopan Khosla Web Developer/API Specialist
Agata Wisniewska
Agata Wisniewska CommonsNet Web Developer
Avi Aryan
Jonathan Duke Leto PDX Git Engineer
Jason Wong
Jason Wong Code-In Winner
Rafal Kowalski
Rafal Kowalski Web Developer
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen Full Stack Engineer
Hemant Jadon
Hemant Jadon Web and JS Developer
Mayank Tripathi
Mayank Tripathi Android Developer
Medozonuo Suohu
Medozonuo Suohu Web Developer
Shubham Padia
Shubham Padia Web Developer
Achint Sharma
Achint Sharma Web and JS Developer
Madhav Rathi
Madhav Rathi Web Developer
Dravit Lochan
Dravit Lochan Developer at FOSSASIA
Anant Prasad
Anant Prasad Android Developer
Deepjyoti Mandal
Deepjyoti Mondal Web Developer
Pranjal Paliwal
Pranjal Paliwal Web Developer
Rishi Raj
Rishi Raj Web Developer
Saurabh Singhal
Saurabh Singhal Web Developer
Hon Nguyen
Hon Nguyen Linux Developer
Jigyasa Grover
Jigyasa Grover Web Developer
Abhishek Rastogi Web Developer
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta Web Developer
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar An Open Source Aficionado
Isuru Abeywardana
Isuru Abeywardana Full Stack Developer
Harsh Lathwal
Harsh Lathwal Full Stack Developer
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar Android Developer
Madhushanka Padmal
Madhushanka Padmal Android/Hardware Developer
Asitava Sarkar
Asitava Sarkar Android/Python Developer
Harshit Prasad
Harshit Prasad Full Stack Developer
Vibhor Verma Full-Stack Developer
Nikhil Rayaprolu
Nikhil Rayaprolu Full Stack Developer
Dilpreet Singh Full-Stack Developer
Sumedh Nimkarde Full-Stack Developer
Chirag Wadhera Android Developer
Abhinav Khare
Abhinav Khare Web Developer
Kavitha E Nair Full Stack Developer
Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain Full Stack Developer

Enablement Team

Eden Dang
Eden Dang Community Outreach Manager
Xing Hai Jiao
Xing Hai Jiao Event Organizer
Thoai Tran Organization Genuis
Thai Mai
Thao Mai Event Organizer