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A little more about FOSSASIA

FOSSASIA is an organization developing software applications for social change using a wide-range of technologies. It was established 2009. Projects range from Free and Open Source software, to design, graphics and hardware. We also organize and participate in conferences, meetups and code camps. The annual FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit is one of the largest gatherings of developers in Asia and took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. Please join us and start contributing to our projects on GitHub.

Our Background and Mission

What We Do

We bring amazing people together to create, develop, design and make things with Open Technologies - hardware and software - and share our work for the benefit of all. We organize Open Tech summits, science hack labs, meetups and coding programs with developers, designers and contributors. We also incubate projects into companies to support the development of a sustainable FOSS ecosystem.

Why We Do It

Our main goal is to improve people's lives by sharing Open Tech solutions. We want to see that information technology and science has a positive impact on our society. We believe this can be achieved if people have access to digital tools and knowledge. Open Technologies offer free and open access. At FOSSASIA we are excited how sharing is possible on all layers from software, hardware and design to data and knowledge and we work hard to enable people to participate in the sharing society, expand knowledge, tools and opportunities, freedom of communication and expression for everyone.

Who We Are

We are an organization of people from all continents based in Asia. We want to see progress and improvements of people's lives in Asia and everywhere. We are developers, designers, event organizers and contributors who want to learn and share ideas, create and make digital software tools and hardware, that benefit people around the world. FOSSASIA was founded in 2009 by Hong Phuc Dang and Mario Behling.


The best way to stay up to date on FOSSASIA activities is to subscribe to the newsletter. If you are interested in communication within the community please get in touch on our mailing list. Or, check out more ways to get in touch with the FOSSASIA core team and our projects on our list of contact points

We are looking particularly for developers who are interested to contribute to our existing projects and develop new application ideas. Many of our projects are on GitHub in the  FOSSASIA repository or on the repo of our project loklak. Please check out the code and start contributing.


Since 2009  FOSSASIA OpenTechSummits take place in different countries across Asia. Our lead FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit happens every year in March in Singapore attracting 3000 attendees. Other events take place in ChinaCambodiaHo Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam and Singapore. At many events we achieve a balanced gender distribution where half of all participants are women. Other events with links to FOSSASIA are the Mini-Debconf VietnamLGMGNOME.AsiaHackerspace Meetings in Singapore, LUG meetups in China, Open Source Summits of the Linux FoundationOpenDesign.Asia Weeks, Science Hackathons, the Chaos Communication Congress, the  OpenTechSummit Europe series and many others.

FOSSASIA Coding Programs and Travel Support

FOSSASIA organizes coding contests and participates in FOSS programs around the world. The Codeheat program runs annually from September to February. FOSSASIA takes also part in the Google Summer of Code program as an umbrella organization for our projects and developers. We also support project developers through travel grants and stipends. A list of mini-projects and ideas for summer projects is at:

FOSSASIA Activities


Coding Programs

FOSSASIA organizes local, regional and global developer trainings and cooperates with partners in programs such as Google Summer of Code. Please join us and browse our open issues, mini-projects and GSoC ideas.


Open Source Event Management for Developer Meetups and Conferences

For many years we organize the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit, Science Hack Days and meetups. And, for many years we were looking for a good event management and ticketing solution, that is Open Source. As there was no solution that suited our needs in 2015 we started to develop the Open Event solution We would be happy if it is useful for you too!


Software and Hardware Development

We develop applications for Science hack labs, software applications for events, community engagement and open data tools, and we support existing projects with resources. Check out the FOSSASIA Labs for more info.

FOSSASIA Representation

The FOSSASIA organization cooperates with supporting companies and organizations around the world. The FOSSASIA PTE LTD. (201702892N) registered in Singapore represents FOSSASIA projects legally as an official organization, including its projects and the community in any matters, enquiries and before court.

FOSSASIA needs your support to continue the work for sharing of knowledge, code and design, organizing events and meetups and to keep our network running.

Friends and Partners

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