Jon Phillips

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Jonathan Phillips is originally based in San Francisco, US, is currently jetsetting between Asia and the Western hemisphare for StatusNet, the Open Source instant miniblog service Jon is a community and business developer contributing to society and building meaningful relationships. In 2002 he helped launch the open source drawing tool, Inkscape and founded the Open Clip Art Library. From 2005 until 2008 he built Creative Commons’ community and business development projects and is currently a Creative Commons Fellow. Currently, he is growing the media company Fabricatorz with Cantocore Art Exhibitions, Laoban Open Soundsystems, and is recently assisting with an upcoming re-launch of Status.Net ( He is known for growing successful open communities globally, leading international business development in Asia (particularly China), and developing Open Marketing.

StatusNet is a hosted service for setting your status updates (aka, microblogging), is free software (licensed under the GNU AGPL), and is the software that powers the popular Free Network Service, This presentation looks broadly at these three parts of the StatusNet, how to setup, installing your own instance, and the company which supports the community. As a bonus, this talk introduces StatusNet's business and how to apply to under-represented free network services.

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